What to look for when buying gel mattresses?


Gel mattresses are offered in the trade with different degrees of hardness. Which degree of hardness is optimal depends mainly on the weight of the user? For normal weight people with a body weight of up to 70 kilograms, a mattress with a hardness of H1 is suitable. Up to a weight of 80 kilograms, the degree of hardness 2 is recommended. Heavyweight people weighing up to 100 kilograms should buy an H3-grade mattress. For people who weigh more than 100 kilograms, a gel mattress with the degree of hardness 4 is recommended.


The height of the gelatin mattress plays an important role. The higher the underlying foam layer, the better the body is supported. The total height of a gel mattress should, therefore, be at least 15 cm. The higher the gel padding, the deeper the body sinks and the softer you lie.


Of course, buyers also recognize the quality of a gel mattress in terms of the density of the foams. Gel foam boards with a density of 50, in combination with a foam core, which has a minimum density of 25, are particularly recommended.

Compressive strength

The compressive strength of a mattress plays a very important role with regard to the feeling of lying. The higher the compressive strength of the mattress, the less the body sinks. A compression hardness of 40 kPa or more withstands higher loads and is suitable for people with a body weight of up to 120 kilograms.


A gel mattress can be bought like other mattresses with different covers. In general, one should make sure when purchasing that the cover is removable in any case. This makes it easy to clean the cover in the washing machine. The materials used include double-cloth covers made of climate fibers or synthetic fibers. These are washable up to 60 degrees. Another alternative is the modern merino wool with its natural climate-regulating merino wool. These covers are washable up to 40 degrees. Are you looking for on-the-mattress stores Houston? You do not have to worry about buy mattress from our online store.