What does a waterbed consist of?

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we present you the best waterbeds and explain what to look for when buying a new waterbed.

What does a waterbed consist of?

Waterbeds have been around for more than 3,000 years. Of course, the beds have continued to evolve over this long period of time. The modern water beds are thus clearly different from the first models. A waterbed consists, as the name already suggests, mainly of water. Nevertheless, it is a very sophisticated construction. In general, a distinction is made between 2 different systems: the hard side and the softside waterbed. Although hard side waterbeds are now outdated, they are still sold. These are around the water mattress a sturdy frame made of wood or aluminum. The substructure of the beds is equipped with weight distributors.

The modern soft side waterbeds are most often sold in the trade. The systems do not have a classic bed frame, the border is made of high-quality foam. The Masterpiece waterbeds combine the benefits of the Softside and the Hardside waterbed. Her water core is held by a cushioned furniture frame. Generally, a waterbed consists of several components. These can, of course, differ depending on the model. High-quality waterbeds consist of a base, a cover, a foam with heating, the mattress liner, the water cores and a cover top from bottom to top. The water mattress or the water core is the most important.

As a rule, the core is made of a very stable vinyl and this also withstands higher loads. In the case of water mattresses, a distinction is made between the hose systems and the full-volume water cores. The former is rarely offered in the trade. The filling level and the filling volume of the water core are particularly important in terms of lying comfort. For most high-quality waterbeds, the core is at least 20 cm high. Slightly cheaper models are equipped with a 15 to 17 cm high core.

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