Uses of Visco mattresses

Visco mattresses are now commonplace not only in private households – but the pressure-relieving properties of visco-foam are also appreciated in the medical sector and in elderly care. A visco foam pad prevents bedsores and relieves the pain of herniated discs, back, neck or joint pain.

Due to the high point elasticity, Visco mattresses also promote blood flow, which can also benefit people with numbness in the hands. In case of pain, however, one should pay attention to the following: The more pressure-sensitive the body is, the higher the visco-pad should be. However, since this also deteriorates the resilience of the mattress, the edition should still fail to exceed 10 cm.

People who restlessly sleep at night can also benefit from a viscous mattress: results have shown that restless sleepers were less agitated on a viscous mattress and felt more rested the next morning. In the ideal case, one finally decides on a viscous mattress with different lying areas: In the mattress core, most mattresses have holes and holes that create 3, 5, 7 or even 9 lying areas. However, it is not the number of lying areas that is crucial, but it is crucial that the right parts of the body can be placed in the right zones. Must read Reviews on Best Mattress Store in Houston TX.

History of the Visco mattress: From space to your own bedroom

The foundations for the viscous mattress we know today were laid by NASA. For space research, NASA developed the memory foam, which should adapt to the body and support it in the right places. In this way, the impact of the astronauts in the acceleration of the rocket was to be damped.

Over time, the viscose foam was eventually further developed. The aim was to overshadow shape adaptation to changes in temperature and load, and instead to focus on the viscoelastic effect, ie adaptation to weight loads. The foam itself was finally open-pored and provided with air ducts to prevent heat build-up and ensure a high level of hygiene. In this way, finally, a mattress was created, which not only promises an outstanding feeling of lying through the perfect adaptation to the body but is also considered to be particularly hygienic.