The box spring mattress: the fast way to your own box spring bed

Does genuine box spring feel work only with a box spring bed? Wrong thought! The box spring mattresses also make a lot of solos. But first back to the beginning. The box spring bed has been an integral part of the home decor for a long time, especially in the USA. One has come in terms of box spring beds in the meantime on the taste. Boxspring beds convince with a harmonious appearance, the comfortable height and above all by this special, slightly relaxing sleeping feeling. This swinging lying-down feeling of boxspring beds is based on the double spring action. The basis for the box spring bed is first a box with spring springs, which replaces the regular slatted frame.

This substructure in box spring beds is called a box. On top of that, there is a spring mattress, which makes the famous box spring effect of the box spring beds perfect. The double base with the double core provides wonderful point elasticity and high sleeping comfort, for which boxspring beds are so well-known. Check out our best collection of Mattress Sales Portland.

Unfortunately, not everyone in his bedroom has enough space for a box spring bed with its rather bulky dimensions. If you feel the same, but you still do not want to give up the comfort as in the box spring, comes here a very worthy compromise: high box spring mattresses.

An overview of the standard sizes for box spring mattresses can be found here:

  • the box spring mattress 90×190 cm
  • the box spring mattress 90×200 cm
  • the box spring mattress 120×200 cm
  • the box spring mattress 140×200 cm
  • the box spring mattress 180×200 cm

You will also find mattresses in special sizes, for example, the box spring mattress 200 x 200 cm or box spring mattresses 180 x 220 cm. For the oversized mattress, we also offer slatted frames XXL We also offer a large selection of products from various brands and manufacturers. If you have a desire to buy a mattress you can take it from our online store.

The belly sleeper mattress – The exotic under the sleep positions

The situation on the belly is represented less frequently in addition to the back sleeper and the side sleeper. From a medical point of view, it is considered ergonomically unhealthy to sleep on the abdomen because the head has to be turned sideways to allow breathing. This will twist the cervical spine and muscles in this area. It is therefore important that a mattress for abdominal sleepers sufficiently relieve neck, hip, and pelvis so that the spine is ergonomically stored correctly. In addition, care should be taken to choose a pillow for abdominal sleepers that are not too high, so that the cervical spine is not overstretched when sleeping, which can lead to neck tension and shoulder pain. Therefore, the pillow for abdominal sleepers should be flat and cuddly, it is recommended, for example, a neck pillow for abdominal sleepers or a neck support pillow. Abdominal sleepers benefit not only from the pillows and mattress but also from the matching slatted frame, which should be coordinated with the mattress.

They will certainly find what they are looking for mattresses for stomach sleepers, whether cold fluff mattress, latex mattresses, mattresses with pocket spring core or mattresses made of visco foam. In addition, we carry next to mattresses other items, u. a. from the categories beds, toppers, bed linen, pillows and much more. Best Mattress Stores Scottsdale.

What advantages does the prone position have?

According to the medical profession, the prone position has predominantly advantages and is considered unhealthier in comparison to the position on the back or on the side. One of the few advantages is that the airways are more open during sleep than in a dormouse or side dormouse. That’s why even snorers can benefit from this lying position, as the throat remains free and so the snoring can be reduced. On the back, the tongue would sink back when sleeping and thus promote snoring. In addition, the internal organs, joints, and muscles can be damaged under permanent pressure.