Mattress, slatted frame: that’s what matters

1. Slimming pillows

A good pillow fills the space between the head and shoulder so that the cervical spine can relax well in any reclining position. Experts advise half-size 40 x 80 cm. With square pillows often the shoulder is on it and can not sink deep enough into the mattress.

2. Fill to size

In addition to the classic duck and goose feathers, hollow fibers, foam flakes or sheep’s wool are also popular. Test extensively! Good shops offer samples for home and fill the pillow request in grams. Anyone who favors a neck support pillow should choose a rather soft and height-variable model. Buy Mattress Tucson from our online store.

3. Let advice

Bed too low, slatted worn? Use the consulting expertise of a specialist store on site. With a questionnaire, employees get a first impression of what their needs are. Some offer to check the sleeping situation at home for free and without obligation – and give tips on what things you can change. If the bed frame is too low, often help higher-mounted fittings.

4. Restrain heat

Who cleverly heats in the winter months, sleeps better. 16 to 18 degrees are considered ideal in the bedroom. It is best to turn the thermostat back one hour before going to bed – this is done automatically by a programmable controller.

5. Pay attention to point elasticity

Little strength, pain in the knee or hip? With underweight or physical restrictions not only sitting down and getting up is difficult – even turning around at night becomes tedious. Tip: choose a slightly harder mattress that will yield well to the hips and shoulders. This property is called point elasticity. How good the mattress is in it, you can test yourself. With the spread of hand and moderate pressure on the support press. She should give in at these points.

6. Recognize quality

Annoying if a mattress already forms a cow after a short time. Expert tip: Pay attention to the RG statement on the label! The volume weight, RG for short, indicates how many kilograms of raw material were foamed in one cubic meter of foam. The higher the density, the heavier the foam and the higher the elasticity and longevity of the mattress.